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17 January 202117/01/2021
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(3),(4),(5),(6) Certifications
Certification entity
On date
Quality Manager professional profile
Company's business
(11) Production Processes
Production processes description and internally carried out %
(12) Control equipment
(13) Main manufacturing machinery / equipment
(Machinery - Installation year)
(14) Main customers and turnover %
First level customers, manufacturers (ex: FTP, IVECO, CNH, etc)
Second level customers, manufacturer's suppliers (ex: OFF VICA, etc)
Third level customers (other types, ex: craftsman, traders, etc)
(15) Main suppliers and turnover %
First level suppliers, manufacturers
Second level suppliers, large wholesale dealers
Third level suppliers, small traders (ex: hardware shop, etc.)
(16) Last three years Turnover
(18) Quality Management System related activities operated with IT support
Computerization %
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